How to Configure Wireless Routers | IP

Want to get rid of the long cables of routers? Are you thinking of some other options for yourworkplace? It is really frustrating when the router cables mess up on the table. To avoid all this WiFi is the best option for you. Computers and laptops are using for various purpose, browsing gaming and for other purposes. If you are surfing or working online, the internet is needed and to connect that internet with the system you need to have a router. Router help to connect the network with the computer or laptop. 192.168.o.1 is the default ip address for all wireless routers.

Using with this ip address you can easily login and configure rour wifi router. A wireless network is one of the important things in a workplace. This device will allow you to connect the internet with your smartphone, laptop,and desktop. In the officesetup a computer network, the computer network help to share the data in between the network system. There are two ways by which network is connected with the system. One is wired connection another one is a wireless network. The traditional way to get the network is through a wiredconnection, for an example LAN. In your workplace,wireless routers for office use provide several benefits.

Why You Need AWifi Router

Previously when WiFi router was not there and people were habituated to use the wired router. But in recent days when wifi router in market people choose this one as a preferable wireless connection. The prime benefit is you can use the internet with the wireless network from any part of your office or house. wireless routers for office use is needed in recent days. You do not have to fix the cable.

AdvantagesOf Having Wireless Router In Your Office


Technology has made people lazy and makes the human kind’s life more easy and convenient. The best part of the wireless router is, it has no wire. So you do not have to face any kind of mess up causing from the cables from routers. Now with the grace of technology router has become wireless, users won’t find any trouble related to the wires. To avoid the annoying things.

The New Age Of Technology

With the advancement of technology wired router will obsolete soon. The wifi routers use the radio waves technology for providing the internet connection. It has become the necessity for a human being. It is a gift of modern technology with several benefits

Access The Internet Easily

The Internet has become a part of life, we cannot think a second without internet. Once you fix the internet in your place you can use it from anywhere and at any time. Whether you are in a meeting or a business trip it is a requirement for you. With the wifirouter, you can use the internet easily without messy wires.


Wifi router is portable. you can carry the device anywhere. In wired router because of the cable moving is restricted but wifi router will provide you a great mobility.


Wired router restricted the connecting device. But with the wireless router, you can connect multiple devices. So enjoy the wireless router’s service at your home or office.

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03 May
Consider Using JSON rather than XML

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The PHP developer can decide to use both JSON and XML when he is working with web services.
However, programmers can utilize the native PHP functions such as json_encode() and json_decode to function with web services in a faster and more efficient manner.
Even with this, the programmers can still work with data forms that are XML.
The developers can divide the XML date in an even more efficient manner by employing normal expression rather than DOM manipulation.


  • Pass References to Functions

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    An established PHP developer does not announce new methods and classes except when they are essential.
    Established developers also seek ways to keep using the methods and classes throughout the code.
    But they are aware also that a function can be quickly manipulated by passing references rather than values.
    Passing references to function rather than values also help developers to avoid the addition of extra overheads.
    But they should be sure that the logic is not affected while the reference is being passed to the functions.

  • Ensure that Error Reporting Turned On During Development Mode

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    The programmers are saddled with the responsibility of identifying and repairing all flaws or errors in the PHP code in the development process.
    They should also invest extra time and effort in fixing the coding errors and problems noticed while testing.
    To do this, the developers should set the error reporting to E_ALL to detect major and minor errors in the PHP code at the development stage.
    They must not, however, forget to turn off the error reporting option as soon as the app graduates from the development level to production level.

More Efficiently

Use Single Quotes to Replace Double Quotes

Programmers can use single quotes (') or double quotes (") while writing PHP code. However, the performance of the PHP application can be easily enhanced if the programmer uses single quote rather than double quote. This is because the single code drastically increases the implementing speed of loops. Another merit of the single code is that it allows the developer to print longer lines of information even more efficiently. Developers must however not forget that they have to make changes to the PHP code if the single code is used in place of double quotes.

Avoid the Use of Wildcards in SQL Queries

PHP developers sometimes use wildcards to ensure the SQL is kept simple and compact. But using wildcards might directly affect the performance of the web app if the database contains a greater number of columns. The required columns must be mentioned particularly in the SQL query by the programmers in order to secure data and reduce the consumption of resource.

Avoid Implementing Database Queries in Loop

The developer can optimize the performance of the web application by choosing not to execute database queries in loop. There exist various options that the programmers can select from in order not to execute database queries in loop. A robust WordPress plug-in like Query Monitor, for example, can be used by programmers to check the database queries alongside the rows affected by the database queries. Debugging plug-in can also be used to detect slow, erroneous, and duplicate database queries.