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Programmers are given the option of accomplishing their goals either with the default functions or custom functions when writing PHP code. But the programmer should take advantage of the inbuilt functions provided by PHP to complete some tasks without writing additional custom functions or extra code.

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Make Sure that Most PHP Scripts are Cached

PHP developers should know that script execution time varies according to the web server.
Apache web server, for example, serves an HTML page faster compared to PHP scripts.
It also goes through the process of recompiling the PHP script whenever the page is requested.
Developers can prevent this process of recompiling scripts by caching most of the PHP scripts.
Developers are also provided with the option of reducing the time exhausted in the process of script recompilation by utilizing various PHP caching features.
Memcache, for instance, can be used by programmers to cache a huge quantity of scripts in an efficient manner.
It can also help in the reduction of database interactions.


Use Ternary Operators to Implement Conditional Code

It is a usual practice with PHP programmers is to implement the conditional code using If/Else statements.

However, programmers need write additional code to implement conditional code using If/Else statements.

But there is an even easier way to do this.

Programmers can boycott writing additional code by using ternary operators to implement conditional code rather than If/Else statements.

Ternary operator helps developers maintain a neat code while avoiding clutters by writing the conditional code on a single line.


Ensure the Readability and Easy Maintenance Process of the Code

Most times, programmers find it difficult to comprehend and modify codes written by others.
So, they would need additional time to update and maintain the PHP apps in an efficient manner.
To lessen this burden, a programmer writing PHP code should ensure that the application can be easily maintained and updated by giving basic information on the significance and use of each code bits in a lucid manner.
The programmer can ensure the code is readable by inputting comments to individual piece of code.
These comments will simplify the process of making changes to the existing code for future developers since the time and effort that would have been invested would be greatly reduced.


Do not Trust User Input

Smart PHP programmers must not trust the input submitted by users, so they must keep the web app secure at all times. Programmers must check, sanitize, and filter all information from the user so as to secure the app from various security threats. Programmers can also disallow users from tendering invalid or inappropriate data with the use of inbuilt functions as filter_var(). Filter_var checks for appropriate values as it receives and processes the user input.


Therefore, it is pertinent for web programmers to select the correct PHP development tool and framework. As things are now, individual programmers can select from a wide variety of open source PHP frameworks, Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Codelgniter, Yii, and Zend inclusive. This is why it is absolutely important for developers to choose a PHP that can assuage all the needs of their project. They should also combine various PHP development tool to make the web application maintainable and reduce the development time significantly.

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03 May
Consider Using JSON rather than XML

Posted by Admin in General | 10 Comments

The PHP developer can decide to use both JSON and XML when he is working with web services.
However, programmers can utilize the native PHP functions such as json_encode() and json_decode to function with web services in a faster and more efficient manner.
Even with this, the programmers can still work with data forms that are XML.
The developers can divide the XML date in an even more efficient manner by employing normal expression rather than DOM manipulation.


  • Pass References to Functions

    Posted by Admin in General | 10 Comments

    An established PHP developer does not announce new methods and classes except when they are essential.
    Established developers also seek ways to keep using the methods and classes throughout the code.
    But they are aware also that a function can be quickly manipulated by passing references rather than values.
    Passing references to function rather than values also help developers to avoid the addition of extra overheads.
    But they should be sure that the logic is not affected while the reference is being passed to the functions.

  • Ensure that Error Reporting Turned On During Development Mode

    Posted by Admin in General | 10 Comments

    The programmers are saddled with the responsibility of identifying and repairing all flaws or errors in the PHP code in the development process.
    They should also invest extra time and effort in fixing the coding errors and problems noticed while testing.
    To do this, the developers should set the error reporting to E_ALL to detect major and minor errors in the PHP code at the development stage.
    They must not, however, forget to turn off the error reporting option as soon as the app graduates from the development level to production level.

More Efficiently

Use Single Quotes to Replace Double Quotes

Programmers can use single quotes (') or double quotes (") while writing PHP code. However, the performance of the PHP application can be easily enhanced if the programmer uses single quote rather than double quote. This is because the single code drastically increases the implementing speed of loops. Another merit of the single code is that it allows the developer to print longer lines of information even more efficiently. Developers must however not forget that they have to make changes to the PHP code if the single code is used in place of double quotes.

Avoid the Use of Wildcards in SQL Queries

PHP developers sometimes use wildcards to ensure the SQL is kept simple and compact. But using wildcards might directly affect the performance of the web app if the database contains a greater number of columns. The required columns must be mentioned particularly in the SQL query by the programmers in order to secure data and reduce the consumption of resource.

Avoid Implementing Database Queries in Loop

The developer can optimize the performance of the web application by choosing not to execute database queries in loop. There exist various options that the programmers can select from in order not to execute database queries in loop. A robust WordPress plug-in like Query Monitor, for example, can be used by programmers to check the database queries alongside the rows affected by the database queries. Debugging plug-in can also be used to detect slow, erroneous, and duplicate database queries.